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Friday, August 23, 2002

Right at the moment me and some other guys are doing an all-nighter, working on the website of Chiro, the biggest Flemish youth movement here in Flanders, Belgium. Why am I telling you this? Because we've got a webcam up! I'm the guy with the black t-shirt and white pants, BTW.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Book review time

So, what do you all think about this book, written by a world-class expert on terrorism? Go for that 'comments' link down there... you know you want to!

Go Red Devils!

You might know it or not, but Belgium's national soccer team is nicknamed 'The Red Devils', mainly because they play in a red outfit and not because Belgium is a hotbet of satanism. That's why I found this tidbit on CNN amusing: School drops 'Satans' as team nickname. The school is located near Devils Lake, by the way, which explains the name. Any suggestions for a new name are welcome in the comments... How about the 'Devils Lake Angels'? Or the 'Cute Little Puppies'? Or how about 'The Belgians'... yeah, that ought to put some fear into the hearts of their opponents... NOT!

Iraqi embassy raid a coverup?

Here's a theory I also thought of when hearing about the 'peaceful' ending to the Iraqi embassy occupation in Berlin. Alas, I didn't blog it back then, but now it's too late.
(via: InstaPundit)

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
They have to be kidding

Guess who is to be elected chair of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights: no one but someone with a profound record of respect for Human Rights, and no links whatsoever to terrorism... Haha, only kidding about the last two things.
UPDATE: There's a funny picture of the new chairman over at Alan K. Henderson's Weblog.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
The speed of open source

The 'bogofilter' mentioned below is already at version 0.2, and that only half a day after release! Top that, Microsoft!


A great parody over at what would the people who criticize the current war-plans against Iraq have said in 1944? Very educational...

The power of open source

Only yesterday I read about the Bayesian spam filter (see post below), and today Eric S. Raymond has already gotten a first version of his own implementation out! Check out the bogofilter. Warning: it still is v 0.1, but as the Open Source mantra says: "release early, release often!"

Monday, August 19, 2002

Some guy developed a statistics-based spam-filter which turns out to work extremely well. Check it out if you've been having spam problems lately!
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Yet Another Blogging Theory...
  • Observation 1: Blogs with interesting content and links get a lot of hits.
  • Observation 2: Bloggers who get a lot of hits get a lot of mails with interesting links and stuff in them.
  • Theory: There exists a hits-per-day 'tipping point' after which a blogger gets so much interesting stuff for his blog mailed to him that he hasn't got to do any actual writing anymore.
Obviously, much more research is needed to determine this exact tipping point, which for the current time still lacks a decent name (blogging barrier?, blogmail point?, ...). Big blogs, like InstaPundit or USS Clueless have obviously reached it long ago. Neither of them have posted anything much lately which isn't preceded by a 'Reader FOOBAR writes me...' or a 'BLAHBLAH responds by mail to my post about...'. Smaller sites, like this one, obviously still have a long way to go. I hardly get any blog-related mail at all.
Oh, well, better write some interesting stuff myself then!

Oh, no, they're killing cute little puppies!
In another effort to convince the world that Al Quaeda terrorists are not nice people, CNN has come up with evidence in the form of videotapes found in Afghanistan. Among other things the tapes include scenes where three dogs are killed during chemical weapons tests...