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Thursday, September 19, 2002
Iraq forum

N.Z. Bear from The Truth Laid Bear has set up a forum for all Iraq-related discussions. The only problem is lack of traffic. So help him along, check it out and leave a comment!

(Almost) screaming at the TV

I just saw Scott Ritter on Belgian TV (TerZake on Canvas), talking rubbish. He sought every reason from here to Tokyo not to attack Iraq: it has no WMD's (and Powell is lying), it will cause international instability and war (China-Taiwan, Pakistan-India, Korea, Russia-Georgia...), it will cause more terrorism in the USA, al quaeda isn't beaten yet, blather, blather, blather. Oh, yeah, and Bush is threatening the American Way of Life, too. Nothing about the UN resolutions Iraq has been ignoring for the past ten years. And nothing about the $ 400.000 he received to make a pro-Iraq movie.
All the time this was on, I felt an urge to start Fisking him right there and then. Alas, television doesn't work that way. Lucky there are blogs...

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Interview with a weapons restaurant inspector

James Lileks rules!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
History repeating?

No need for captions, people who understand history see what I mean, and the ones who don't wouldn't want to...
= ?

Monday, September 16, 2002
UN obsolete?

The main problem with the UN at the moment seems to be that most of the member states are not actually democracies. In effect, this means that any action aimed at improving human rights, stopping poverty, avoiding war, ending oppression etc. has to be approved by... dictators, tyrants, warmongers and oppressors. Is it any surprise that most of these efforts are doomed to failure? The most striking example of this is the appointment of Khadaffi as human rights commissioner. Talk about promoting the poacher to game-warden...
So the last days I've been wondering... is there an actual international organization aimed at promoting democracy and freedom in the world? If not, would it help if one was organized? Membership could be based on having free elections, and every member state would have the right to monitor any election in other member states. Refusal to cooperate, or dodgy election practices would result in being banned from the organization. Membership benefits could include mutual assistance, open markets, military co-operation... In other words, all kinds of things that ensure freedom and prosperity, thus making other countries eager to join as well (provided they become democratic).
Would such an organisation work? What do you think?

Reader mail

Reader Edith von Jess sent me some pictures of her visit to Shanksville, where flight 93 crashed last year after passengers struggled with hijackers over control of the plane. The pictures are from the makeshift memorial erected near the crash site. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Somehow I missed this

A couple of days ago, the Washington Post ran this story:Belgian Bin Laden Lookalikes Audition on 9/11. Apparently, director Rob Van Eyck (whom I've never heard of, BTW), is planning to make a movie about Bin Laden, set in 2012. It is to be a dark comedy, which doesn't praise Bin Laden.
Remember this, next time somebody talks about the American 'commercialization' of 9/11...