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Friday, December 13, 2002
The view from the other side...

Have a look at this article in the Iraq daily Newspaper: it claims anti-war protests in America are starting to make a difference. Quote: The protesters said they believe their message is beginning to be heard by Bush.
Dream on, Saddam...

Nuclear inspectors to Iran

The BBC reports: Nuclear inspectors to visit Iran sites, after earlier news that Iran was building new reactors, possibly to build nuclear weapons.
Cool! And the Americans didn't even have to threaten to invade ;-)


Some guy implemented a blogwatching tool that tracks when certain blogs were last updated. Nifty, as I was pondering to do something similar myself... Check out Change Watch!

Google strikes again!

It's amazing how Google as a company has stayed on top of their target: making web searching better and easier. None of that portal-to-everything crap for them, nope...
And they've gotten even cooler: instead of selling stuff on their page, they offer a search engine that returns stuff for sale: Froogle!

Thursday, December 12, 2002
AEL update III

Oh, yeah, forgot this tidbit: I always try to check the two sides of a story, so whenever something is written about the AEL in the mainstream media I also like to take a look at the AEL website. But when I tried to do that just now, the following message greeted me: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Does this mean their site is very popular? Or they accidentally put up some big files that sucked up their bandwidth allocation? Or they got slashdotted?
Maybe it's just Evil Criminal Zionist Conspiracy Hackers (tm)...

AEL update II

According to the Cleveland Jewish News, politicians in the Netherlands are now also thinking about banning the AEL. This follows shortly after announcements that the AEL was planning to set up a Dutch branch. If you have been following the AEL story or if you are interested and want to know more, do read the article, as it has some other very informative bits on the antics of the AEL in Antwerp and Brussels.
For more on the Dutch side of the affair, visit The Visser View.

AEL update

Gazet Van Antwerpen (link in Dutch) is reporting the Arab European League claims it is willing to stop their video-patrols to check on the Antwerp police, if an independently functioning hotline to report police racism is installed. The existing (official) Centre for Fighting Racism and for Equal Opportunities is not known enough with the immigrant community, they also claim.
Meanwhile, city officials say they will never install such a line on demand of Abu Jahjah. Dirk Grootjans, city councilor for security, said Jahjah cannot be a partner in a dialogue with the city council as long as he is the target of a criminal investigation.

Watching Michael Moore

Everybody seems to be linking to this new site dedicated to debunking everything anti-gun-nut Michael Moore says: And they're right: the site is funny, check it out.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Al Qaeda Financier Nabbed in Belgium?

Reader 'CA' sent me a tip to look into this story: apparently, the Belgian justice system is holding a guy named Samih Ossaily (possibly also known as Samir Husseini)(link in Dutch, sorry). This man is a naturalized Belgian, but ex-citizen of Liberia and originally from Lebanon.
He is said to be involved in diamond smuggling and illegal arms dealing, and is now suspected of having links to Al Quaeda as well.
I did some web research on the guy: his name also figures on a UN list of people connected to the Liberian war and the regional instability there, who are banned to travel through the UN countries. His name also appears in the minutes of the Belgian parliamentary investigatory commission on the Great Lakes (link in Dutch and French), in connection with diamond smuggling (do a 'find' on his name, the document is rather long). Even more information can be found in this posting on the 'pacnet-l' mailing list.
Seems like they better keep this guy in the slammer for a bit longer!

Has Fark gone too far?

Judge for yourself:
Photoshop contest: what if Germany won WWII?

Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Marriage riddle

As my esteemed readers are well aware, last week I proposed to my girlfriend, and lucky for me she accepted. I intend to write down the story of how I did it in more detail later, but first it's riddle time. The picture below has everything to do with the way I proposed to Greet, but how did I do it exactly? That's what I want to hear from you! Put on your creative thinking hats, and hit the comments with your ideas on how some candy and a little washing machine are tied into a marriage proposal...

<Shameless plug> Oh, and feel free to link to this riddle if you have a blog, so more people can have a go at it... </shameless plug>

Monday, December 09, 2002
AEL Press Release

The scary guys over at the Arab European League are now claiming their victory, after Abu Jahjah was released from prison: After the release of Dyab Abou Jahjah from prison, and the humiliation that this caused to the Belgian government and political class it is now time to resume work as usual.
They claim all charges against Jahjah are baseless, and blame the Belgian political class, far-right politicians and the Zionist conspiracy.
Not a word on the three-month ban for Jahjah to attend any public demonstrations though... So maybe he is a danger to public safety after all?

Newest Dutch Ikea manual!