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Friday, December 20, 2002
A Real Christmas Story

Here's a site by a guy trying to find his brother, Josh Taht. When you're there, read the helicopter thing too, as it explains a lot. I hope stuff works out for him over the coming few days...

Clever Headline

Amid all the drab, ordinary headlines you find in the regular news media, sometimes you do find one that sticks out because it has a nice pun in it: US loads the gun over Iraq breach. Well done, Sydney Morning Herald: if not for that title, I would never have picked your article from the jumble at

Thursday, December 19, 2002
How to be a Weapons Inspector

Check out the manual! Lucky for you, it is't even 12.000 pages long.;.

Arab-European League Accused of Death Threats

An M.P. of the far-right Vlaams Blok party has pressed charges against Ahmed Azzuz, second in command of Abu Jahjah's Arab-European League, for uttering death threats to him.
The M.P., Gerolf Annemans, claimed Azzuz said during a debate there would be 'measures to prevent people like Annemans to sit here in the future'. When Annemans asked how this would be done, Azzus alledgedly said 'grinningly' that 'other people would take care of that'. Annemans called this a thinly veiled threat, and notified the police.
Source: Gazet Van Antwerpen (link in Dutch)

Wednesday, December 18, 2002
WTC plans

The plans for a new New York WTC are on-line, and can be seen
here. Unfortunately, right now all you get is: Service unavailable.
Slashdotted? Instapundited? Everybody'else'ed?

WTC-site plans to be unveiled today

CNN is reporting the plans will be presented today, and will be available on-line later on this site.
The good thing is, nearly all proposals incorporate very tall buildings, often higher than the original WTC towers. I think this will be very good for morale in the U.S.
The bad thing is: who's going to pay for all this? Tenants? Who wants to have offices in a target? And who is going to invest in a company that has offices there? Maybe that idea floating around on the web a while back wasn't so bad: let's put the U.N. in the top fifty floors, together with the Saudi embassy. Surely the terrorists won't attack their friends?

Let's get this to the top on blogdex...

GedankenPundit has written an Islamic Rant generator in Java... and it's open source no less!

Amazing bit of film

Have a look at this footage. Supposedly from an AC-130 gunship in Afghanistan. Amazing!

Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Fortuyn Investigation

Michiel Visser has a nice summary of the Pim Fortuyn assasination investigation.

Retro-government Museum

A new website launched today in Belgium: the retro-government museum, also known as the Belgian Monarchy (link in Dutch, French or German - English is not an official language over here, sorry). Note the conspicuous absence of discussion forums or comment systems on the site. And the lack of e-mail contact information (except when you dig real deep in the copyright info page). Are they scared of something?
Remember folks: democracy doesn't rhyme with monarchy!

Bet Lileks would love it...

Just stumbled upon The Museum of RetroTechnology. It's a change from Abu Jahjah, Iraq and Belgian politics...

Study: Iraqis Support War

Shameless Criminal-Zionist Western propaganda, or might there be some truth in it? You decide.

Monday, December 16, 2002
Spammer gets spammed!

Hehe, some of the fine readers of slashdot apparently decided to get back at an e-mail spammer, and signed him up for all kinds of snail-mail spam: result, a very pissed spammer. Hmm, I wonder if my sympathy meter is broken, 'cause it seems the needle is glued to zero...

Den Beste has another great one

Stephen Den Beste of USS Clueless has written another great article debunking transnational progressive ideals and proposals on how to end war, titled Hoo boy. Good one!
It also has a link to this howler of a story: Nuclear disarmament campaign sues UK because it wants to... disarm Iraq of it's nuclear weapons!