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Wednesday, December 25, 2002
One more...

Just have to get this off my chest. Today I heard on the radio, and read on the web (link in Dutch) that Willy Herteleer, chief of staf of the Belgian armed forces, thinks that Belgian military cooperation in any conflict in Iraq would be 'problematic'.
It's not the logistics of the thing... He said "our F-16's could be used for bombing runs, our navy could send minesweepers, or we might even send ground troops to engage in combat'. The real problem would be motivation: "I can't motivate my men to fight in this conflict". Those were his litteral words! Apparently, he thinks there is not enough cause against Iraq to warrant an attack!
The problem is that this is not for him to decide: he is not an elected politician. He is not supposed to publicly air opinions like this. He just took away what little fear Saddam might have had of our pithy little army. Go right ahead, Saddam, our soldiers can't be motivated to come over to kick your butt anyway...
In my opinion, he should be summarily dismissed, even though he is days away from retiring. And his successor should make it damn clear that motivation or not, if the civil authorities say our troops have to go in and kick butt, they will do so promptly and without hesitation!

Monday, December 23, 2002
(B)logging off

I'll be away for the next couple of days, doing various holiday-related things and stuff... Blogging will resume on the first or second day of the new year, with the tale of how I asked my girlfriend to marry me.
Anyway, I wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with lots of good things happening to all of you. And please come back to this site next year ;-)

P.S.: To all world leaders: please don't start any major wars in the coming week, as I won't have access to the media and will not be able to blog about your antics. Thank you!

U.S. Rewriting History

Well, that's my title, anyway. CNN calls it: U.S. fixing 'Southern bias' at battlefields.
Best quote: Around 1.8 million people visit Gettysburg every year. Latschar said a disproportionate number were men and the park attracts very few black visitors. Hmm, perhaps women aren't as interested in battlefields as men? I think it's one of these 'guy' things. You know, if you look at the attendance of soccer games here in Belgium, you'll probably see the same figures. Doesn't mean soccer is biassed, just that boys like it and girls don't (well, most of them...).
As to why there are so few black visitors, beats me. Maybe it's the slavery-reparations crowd unwilling to go see places where white men died fighting to end slavery? Or am I reading too much into this?