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Friday, April 11, 2003
Too Funny to Pass Up

I deny that there is any Baghdad Bob Soundboard within a hundred miles of this website! The infidel websurfers are comitting suicide at the ports of our webserver!

Thursday, April 10, 2003
"Thank You, Mistar Boosch!"

No, not an Iraqi speaking out on the streets of Baghdad, but my reaction when the heating oil I ordered for the house showed up. We payed € 0.22/liter today, while last year around the same time it was € 0.24! I think this proves conclusively that it was all about the oil, after all...

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Louis Michel Still an Idiot...

Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel was on TV here: he said that the facts that no WMD's were found yet and Baghdad fell easily prove that the war was not neccessary. Tell that to the liberated people in Iraq, Louis... If Bush had listened to you, those children the U.S. liberated from prison would still be captives. How does that make you feel, Louis? Can you still sleep at night?
I bet he can... can't have a guilty conscience if you don't have a conscience, can you?

Saddam Down!

They just pulled down the entire statue! Iraqi's are cheering and dancing on top of the rubble!
Damn! Those Criminal Zionist American Lapdog TV manipulators are good ;-)

Flag Up...

Only this time, the Marines gave Saddam an Iraqi flag around his neck...

Flag Down...

The flag was taken down again... That was short!

Go U.S.A.!

U.S. Marines just put a U.S. flag over the head of the Saddam statue in front of the Palestine Hotel... They are preparing to pull it down now...

Looks Like Marines...

I'm no military expert, but it look like the U.S.M.C. took the hotel, judging by the vehicles. Aren't those amphibious things?

Just got a close up look at an Abrams tank, with 'Prom Queen' painted on the gun barrel...

Palestine Liberated!

At least, the Palestine hotel in Baghdad! Check the webcams in the posts below... U.S. soldiers disembarking in front of it right now...

One Sentence

LILEKS (James) The Bleat
Allied troops liberated a children’s jail today.

Says it al, doesn't it?

All Your Base...

So Instapundit already linked to this, but don't let that stop you if you like laughing at recycled memes: <^>All Your Iraq Belong to U.S.!

Party Erupts in Baghdad

For those of you not watching it on TV, the criminal Zionist American mercenaries have doctored up these pictures, purportedly of Iraqi's celebrating that Saddam is gone and avenging themselves on people and buildings associated with the regime: Euphoria in Baghdad.
The Iraqi minister of information is denying everything hasn't been heard of since yesterday.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003
WMD's, or the Lack Thereof

Found this at the Command Post: The Command Post: Chemical Weapons Update
At this point, there seems to be three finds: One that probably is a collection of pesticides, one that may be a cache of warheads or rockets with chemical weapons, and the above mentioned story of chemicals dumped into the Euphrates. It should be noted that these are almost entirely the result of reports from embedded and on-scene media reporters, and not official releases from Coalition forces, the Department of Defense or the White House.

Kind of makes one wonder: are the U.S. deliberately not confirming anything, hoping to make one big list of confirmed finds at the end of the war, or are they simply not finding anyting, for whatever reason (not present in the first place, hidden very well, moved abroad...)?

Civilian Casualties: a Perspective

Last saturday, a ceremony was held in Mortsel, a Belgian town near Antwerp. Sixty years ago, U.S. bombers were aiming for a factory where German fighter planes were being repaired, but bombed the city center by accident. In this single bombardment over 900 civilians died. Among the casualties were over 200 children, as one of the buildings they hit was a school. Pictures of the ruins and the funerals can be found on-line in this archive of historical photographs.

Nine hundred dead. In one bombardment. That's the number of civilian casualties in the entire Iraq war so far (and some say that site has a reputation for overcounting).
Yet people in Mortsel still welcomed the Americans as liberators when their tanks rolled through Belgium two years later...

Another Webcam Site

Here is another site with live webcam streams from Baghdad. Been watching one all day from work today. It seems the camera's are on the roof or balcony of the Palestine hotel, and are pointed southwest. The actual fighting today took place west of the camera position, so the images are not very interesting. But the audio was doubly so: all day long I could hear reporters preparing to broadcast live or tape segments. I heard them discussing rumors ("Is it true that there is a U.S. flag over Saddam's palace?"), having trouble with their videophone connections, reading their lines... At one point I even heard a female reporter say to her studio people on the other side of the globe: "Hang on there, I'm getting censored... my minder is passing me a note... that I should not mention certain things... he is censoring me because he totally failed to understand what I said...". She was talking abou the Iraqi regime putting up a brave face to the press and denying any coalition advances.
You just can't get your news more raw than that...
Now I'm waiting for the I M.E.F. to drive up that roundabout. My colleagues and I did a little research with a street map and some satellite imagery of Baghdad and it seems the camera points in exactly the right direction to capture that...

Monday, April 07, 2003
Baghdad Streaming Video

Click here for live video from Baghdad...
(via The Command Post)