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Saturday, May 03, 2003
Damn It!

Come on George, don't let us down now! I've always been in favour of using military means to depose the Saddam regime, but I've always said I'd be the first to join the demonstrations at the U.S. embassy if it turned out that U.S. plans for post-war Iraq were any less than fully democratic.
And now I read this, via BuzzMachine... by Jeff Jarvis
The U.S. ceasefire with an Iranian exile group it considers a terrorist organization allows the Mujahedeen Khalq to defend itself from Iranian-sponsored attacks and keep its artillery and other weapons, U.S. military officials said today.
The ceasefire signed April 15 appears to be a way for the United States to increase pressure on Iran, which Washington has accused of meddling in Iraq after the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime.
But it represents a conundrum of sorts for the United States, which has classified the Iraq-based group as a terrorist organization. The United States went to war against Iraq in part to dismantle what it said were terrorist networks supported by Saddam's regime.
Damn, George, I thought you were a straight shootin', no-nonsense cowboy from Texas: that's why I liked you so much. Please don't turn weasel on us now...

Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Tell Me Your Sources and I Shall Tell You Who You Are...

I found the following story on The Command Post this morning:
The Command Post - Iraq - Al-Jazeera reports fighting
Al-Jazeera continues to emphasise the American killing of Iraqi civilians in its news reporting. Today's top story bears the headline "Killing of Ten Iraqis by American Force's Fire in Faluja". The story reports that in response to a call from the Imams in the city's mosques, a group of Iraqis came out to protest for the removal of American forces from Iraq. The Americans fired on the protesters, killing ten and wounding seven.
Earlier today, I heard the same story on Belgian state radio news, only without the attribution to Al Jazeera. So far I have found no other sources for this info.
To be fair: I must add that on the radio they said the U.S. soldiers started firing after stones had been thrown at them from the crowd.
In my opinion this is just another example of Darwinism in action: throwing stones at nervous, armed men is not exactly a great survival strategy...

Anthrax? What Anthrax?

Here's a story almost completely ignored in the Belgian media:
Reuters AlertNet
BRASILIA, Brazil, April 28 (Reuters) - A crew member of an Egyptian merchant ship has died in northern Brazil, almost certainly from anthrax, after opening a suitcase suspected of containing the substance which he was taking to Canada.
They are probably too busy covering the coming elections and the outbreak of a deadly virus among Belgium's poultry.
And since most (all?) parties here are against the Iraq war anyway, their respective supporters in the media have no interest in covering stories that might actually, like, vindicate U.S. claims on W.M.D.'s, right?
Nah, that's just paranoia: the elections and the poultry are much more important!

Monday, April 28, 2003
A New Whittle!

Bill Whittle has a new very long article on his blog, and as usual it is well worth a read. Eject! Eject! Eject!: VICTORY.