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Friday, May 30, 2003
World's Tallest Virtual Building

Just found this incredible site via some Dutch blog...

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Live from Brussels Exclusive!!!

In the past few weeks, and certainly days, things have been a bit quiet on this blog. But not without reason: I've been working on a project at work which was very dear to me. You might know I work for Skynet, which maintains the biggest portal site in Belgium. Alas, they did not do anything remotely blog-related... but not anymore! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:
Skynet Blogs
The first blogging service in Belgium!
[French version][Dutch version]

We hope to provide a one-stop-shop for novice bloggers and veterans alike: comment pages, counters, linklists, photo's... all included, no messing with HTML required! In the future we plan on providing user-editable lay-out templates, but for now we only offer a number of standard lay-out formats. But it is possible to insert HTML code in the sidebars if you really want to, and the nifty thing is: it stays there even if you choose a different lay-out template!

Oh, and did I mention it was free? It is...

Check it out! And if you do, be sure to drop by Blogforge, my testing blog on the new system!

The Post-War Debate...

In recent times I've had the same conversation over and over again... A well-meaning but clueless friend starts to hammer the United States and president 'monkeyboy' for what they did in Iraq: the violations of international law, human rights abuses, ignoring the U.N.... I ask them for specifics, and start throwing around examples of unanimous U.N. resolutions ignored by Iraq, the liberated children's prisons, the mass graves, the gassed Kurds, banned missiles built during twelve years of sanctions, French, Russian and German economic interests,...

After a while they admit I have a few good points, and wow, they didn't know all that, but still, attacking a country, 'just like that'... isn't that incredibly dangerous for world peace and all? And what about the international institutions? Shouldn't they work for democracy, freedom etcetera? And Bush is just an arrogant, dumb cowboy from Texas, working for the ooooiiillll!

And then I get a powerful urge to scream: "Why didn't the U.N. liberate Iraq then? Shouldn't Saddam have been dismissed years ago by the righteous forces of U.N. multilateralism for a better world? If not, why not? And what does it mean about the role of the U.N. as a force for positive change in the world? Doesn't it say something about all those 'sophisticated' international institutions and organisations that the only person willing to stand up and actually defeat a dangerous, brutal, murderous tyrant has to be an arrogant, dumb cowboy from Texas, working for the ooooiiiillll?"