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Thursday, June 26, 2003
New! Terrorism!

You gotta love those advertising guys... I wonder who came up with this: when leafing through a travel insurance brochure (for my coming honeymoon to the U.S.A.) my eye was caught by the title of a section called 'Terrorism'. Right next to it there was one of these cheerfull advertising 'New!' exclamations, and a small picture of a bomb.
Great: what's next, pictures of gruesome car accidents next to the section on car-insurance?

Tuesday, June 24, 2003
New Icons

Now that Saddam is out of the picture, time for some new icons in my sidebar! Louis and André, Belgian ministers for Foreign Affairs and Defense, are my new targets. Let's get those clowns out of office and back into the circus where they belong!

Monday, June 23, 2003

And another reason is that at work I'm also very busy with maintaining Belgium's first blogging service. With every passing day, I respect the guys at Pyra more ;-) And we don't even have 2000 blogs yet... but we'll get there soon enough!

Blog Hiatus Explanation

Those of you following this blog for a while might have noticed I haven't been posting as regularily as I used to. Especially with the Belgian government turning and twisting like mad about the Genocide Law ("Yes, mr. Bush, it is now completely gutted and can't be used against Americans anymore", "No mr. Belgian journalist, we kept the spirit of the law alive and didn't crawl for Uncle Sam"), some of you might have expected more of me.
But I have been incredibly busy: before you actually try and get married to someone, you have no idea about the amount of work involved. Getting all the paperwork sorted out (both for the civil ceremony and for the church), finding a priest (preferably non-stuffy and rather youngish-of-mind), putting together suitable songs and texts for the church celebration (doubly complicated because I'm agnostic and my fiancee isn't and I didn't want to have to say any lies during the entire thing), arranging for food and drinks, arranging for people to distribute said food and drinks, printing out menu cards, mailing invitations, arranging the extended family around different tables (so that uncle X and aunt Y are not next to each other, and nephew Z is close to his parents...), spotting good locations for the wedding pictures, getting suits made for me, my brother, father, brothers-in-law and father-in-law, getting a deejay for the party, renting locations for the reception and the party, making an appointment with the hairdresser, buying loads of snacks for the party, creating task-lists for the people that are going to help us with the party, reception and getting everyting ready on the big day, organising the logistics of moving my family over 80 kilometres to the various locations of the day's events...
And that's just the start of it, more is still to come...