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Thursday, October 30, 2003

As you can probably see, I've changed the lay-out of this blog, if only a little. Changes include:
  • New order of stuff in the column
  • New blog description: since I am no longer a programmer, I changed my job description accordingly...
  • Dropped the BlogHop rating system. Nobody used it anyway and it didn't bring me any traffic.
  • Fixed the weatherpixie: now it is a guy again...
  • Updated my blogroll... added some sites, dropped some others
  • Small cosmetic changes here and there...

    Boys and Science

    Okay, just one post before I'm leaving... Something of a reverse 'Observation on America'. I have heard some American talk radio, both 'live' and over the internet, and I've never come across the equivalent of this one show we have here in Belgium. But maybe you, my readers, have... If so, let me know!

    The format of the show is that in every two-hour episode they take two questions about any remotely scientific topic from listeners, and try to have them answered within the hour by the listeners who can phone or e-mail in. At the end of the hour they then ask (most of the time) a 'real' expert.

    The questions can range from the mundane to the bizarre:
  • How much does the Earth weigh, and how can you measure it?
  • Is there such a thing as a 'bookworm' and what kind of animal is it?
  • If you move at the speed of light and turn on a lamp, will the light in it speed away from you at twice the speed of light or just 'freeze'?
  • Does the air in a tire spin around also?
  • What causes baking meat etc. to turn brown?
  • ...

    If possible, they also try do do some experiments in the studio: setting fire to stuff, breaking it or even just tasting it, whatever the audience suggests and the hosts feel like doing...

    The show is named after an old series of books called 'Boys and Science', which was once meant to awaken the interest of young boys in scientific stuff (rockets, chemistry, electricity...). It also refers to the fact that the two hosts are both guys that do 'scientific' stuff in a radio studio...

    Any foreign equivalents out there?


    I'm feeling really bored right now, and tired too. Sometimes everything just seems to suck. Oh, well, it will probably get better soon. Anyway, I'll be on vacation until Monday, so don't waste any time endlessly reloading this page...

    Wednesday, October 29, 2003
    Huh? I've got fans?

    Just stumbled over this by accident: Weekend Pundit: Observations On America. Apparently the Weekend Pundit has been collating my 'Observations on America' and has turned them into one big article... Thanks for the effort... maybe I'll even write some more soonish.

    Baghdad Attacks

    It seems that the attacks in Baghdad of the past few days were largely aimed at civilian targets: police-headquarters, the red cross, a bomb near a school... Some questions I'd like the media to ask:
  • Where are the 'Human Shields' protesting this 'Inhumane and Criminal Crime against Humanity'?
  • How do Iraqi's feel about this?
  • What should be done about it? And by whom?
  • Who is behind these attacks anyway? And what would happen if they got their way?

    But I guess it is easier just to blame it all on the 'lack of security provided by the American occupation force'...

  • Monday, October 27, 2003
    Speeding Camera Guerillas

    Another interesting story on the TV news: apparently some people calling themselves the tuftuf club have begun destroying speeding cameras here and there. Is this the beginning of a new resistance movement against the nanny-state?
    I guess that the Belgian government should leave Belgium now, as it is clear that they are not able to maintain adequate security... uh, oh, that's only in Baghdad, with Americans, right...
    UPDATE: here is a picture of the burning camera in question...

    Scrap That Aid!

    Just saw on the TV news that 55% of Belgians oppose financial reconstruction aid to Iraq. Being the democrat that I am, I say we scrap the € 5.000.000 already pledged.
    I call on the 45% that does want to give something to pay Chief Wiggles a visit!