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Friday, January 16, 2004
Might, may, could... or is it true?

It seems that two pounds of uranium yellowcake turned up in an Amsterdam scrapping company, in a lot of used metal that is claimed to originate in Iraq: - Top Stories - Yellowcake in Rotterdam Harbor May Be From Iraq. Here is the website of the Dutch company in question, it has no mention of this anywhere, but does contain contact information... Jewometaal.

Thursday, January 15, 2004
Genuine Looking Pictures of Saddam's Capture

Just saw this on Blogdex: a link to a webserver directory somewhere that seems to contain pics of our favourite dictator being led away in handcuffs, soldiers posing with Saddam's box-of-money and some other shots. Check it out: Index of /stu/slimowsk/saddam

Movie Piracy: Some Real (I)nfo

For those of you not really familiar with the real extent of the availability of illegal copies of movies on the internet, you should really read this: Daily Log: Researching the 2004 Oscar Screeners.

Some blogger did some investigating and found out that with one exception almost all likely Oscar candidates have been downloadable on-line for weeks if not months (based on dates found in the accompanying NFO-files added by the pirate groups). So far, the MPAA has only mentioned two films that have leaked...

So either they are ignorant or (more likely) trying to hush this up so as not to encourage more people to go looking for these movies on-line...

Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Random TV on your blog

Just finished coding another addition to Random TV: a little snippet of code you can add to your blog to get random video clips every time you reload. Example:

To put this on your site, simply copy-paste this bit of code into your HTML...

<script src=""></;script>

Penn in Baghdad

Famous WMD expert Sean Penn, who declared Iraq WMD free after a short visit last year, returns to Iraq armed with a press pass. The result can be read here: COMMENTARY / 2nd act A year later, Sean Penn returns to Iraq and files a personal, candid report from the front

The funny thing is, things seem to be much better than last time, and while Penn has to admit this several times he still has to include deep and grave warnings at every turn, lest he sound too optimistic.

Monday, January 12, 2004
Apache Usage Increases!

Yeah! Just saw this on Netcraft: it seems the free, open-source webserver Apache is racing ahead in marketshare, totally kicking the pants of Microsoft IIS among others. Graphs can be found here...

Jacksonians Going to Sleep - Whittle Wakes Up

It's been a while since he posted something, but now Bill Whittle has written another long article on his blog Eject! Eject! Eject!, which holds a promise of more neat stuff to come...
If you like U.S.S. Clueless, check out Whittle if you haven't already done so.

Sunday, January 11, 2004
I'm back...

I know things have been rather quiet around here for the past few days, but that was because almost all my spare time went to improving Random TV. For those of you just tuning in (hah! pun!), it is a new site I made that displays random video clips found on the internet. But now you can click on two new icons to report broken links and 'bad' clips. I also added a F.A.Q., a disclaimer, a contact page and even a text-banner advertising system. <salesdroid> It even works with paypall and all... Just five bucks for 10.000 impressions of your banner... </salesdroid>
Anyone want to give me a hand getting the word out about this site? Maybe a quick link on your blog, or an e-mail to some friends to ask them to check it out?