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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Try-out Weekend

This summer I'll be working on the website of Krinkel2004, a gigantic youth-movement summer camp. Right now I'm at a preparation weekend for people who are going to organize the camp, together with three other guys who are going to update the website during the camp. We're trying to regularily update the current site,, so we can practice and try out some stuff. Have a look, maybe you'll even glimpse us on the webcam.

Althoug the chance is small: we have four laptops, a wireless router and a singled, shared phone line through which we all have to reach the internet. And the webcam also has to go over it. Man... it's just like the bad old days :-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Cool! RSS Torrents...

Check this out: Wired News: Speed Meets Feed in Download Tool. Basically, a guy has a demo up combining RSS (easy content syndication) and bittorrent (distributed filesharing application).
This means that you might conceivably subscribe to channels that have your favourite content (and we're talking audio, video and software here, not just text and pictures), which would then be automatically downloaded to your machine via bittorrent. The nifty thing is, because you don't need any hunge server farm to spread a file via bittorrent as it is a distributed peer to peer system, this might be a great tool for individuals to spread content on the net basically on the cheap or for free. Might this be the kickstart the videoblogging movement needs?
On the other hand: what about download limits imposed by broadband providers? I can imagine people being hesitant about sharing their bandwidth with strangers. But then again, that hasn't stopped kazaa, bittorrent and other e-donkeys in the past. And I have a feeling consumer bandwith availability is only going to increase in the future...

Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Madrid & Stuff

I've been away from blogging a few days, but I've been thinking a lot about the Madrid bombing and its consequences. No matter how you turn it, Aznar wanted to keep Spanish troops in Iraq and the terrorists didn't: so they blew up a Spanish train and now the new socialist government is pulling them out. That makes me very scared!

Not so much that a socialist would do such a thing (that was to be expected, he promised it during his campaign) but that voters would let themselves be swayed in such a spectacular fashion by sheer terrorism. But maybe that wasn't the real reason they switched. Maybe it was just that Aznar couldn't help blaming ETA at first, hoping to score a few extra points, and that he stuck to that explanation even when contradictory evidence started mounting.

Anyway, 200 dead and the socialists won the election. Let's hope nobody tells our socialist party (who are lagging behind in the polls too) about this. Only a few months time left before we have (regional and European) elections in Belgium...

Ralph Inbar, Dead at 65

I just read that Ralph Inbar has passed away. For those of you who don't know who he was: Ralph Inbar was a Dutch TV maker who became very famous in the Netherlands and Belgium with his candid-camera work about twenty or thirty years ago, introducing the genre in the Dutch-speaking television landscape.
Even today, people who end up in absurd situations in the Netherlands will still say sometimes: "and now Ralph Inbar will step out of the closet, right?"
He will be missed...