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Friday, April 02, 2004
Streaming MP3 over SSH

Nifty... Right now I'm listening to some (legal) mp3 files streaming from my home server through SSH tunneling to my work desktop machine. Great way to circumvent the 'no mp3 files on your hard drive' policy here (streaming is allowed, though).

New NATO Members

Well, it seems NATO has picked up a few extra members in Eastern Europe. One of the first consequences of this was that I was nearly late for work this morning. Stupid diplo-weenies in their fat BMW's with police escorts pushing regular traffic out of the way on the highway... Busloads of semi-important 'officials' jampacked in front of the NATO building. Hordes of press vans with parabolic dishes on top in the parking lot next to it. Oh, and cops, lots of them. And a police helicopter, angrily buzzing around in the sky.

Light Bloggage

You might have noticed the decrease in blogging the past few days: I've been really busy at home and at work, to prepare some major projects and anticipating the birth of the first child of my wife and I. Yup, it's been boring meeting and furniture-rearranging time... Crunching technical documents and taking extra-good care of my wife... Trying to survive PowerPoint poisoning and designing a postcard to send out when the stork drops by... And all at the same time!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Life Changing Moment

I have just found an article via blogdex that will change my life: Structured Procrastination. Basically it is a method for people like me who like to put everything off until the last moment to increase their productivity.

How? Simple really: mentally pick a few priority tasks that need to be done 'urgently'. At that moment, natural instinct kicks in and you start working on all kinds of other stuff to avoid having to start on the 'important' tasks. When you really can't delay the priority tasks any longer, pick some other priority tasks to focus on. And instead of doing them, you take on the stuff that is now no longer your priority. Bam! Instant productivity increase...

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Shocker! Well, Maybe Not...

Jurgen Verstrepen, self-declared bigmouth and 'independent' journalist will apparently run in the upcoming regional elections here in Belgium, for the far-right Flemish Bloc party. At least, that is what the media are saying. On his blog he says he will comment tomorrow.

Verstrepen was known mostly for his political talkshow 'Black or White' which ran on niche tv channel Liberty TV (actually a channel about travel). He brought in most of their ratings, among other things for frequently inviting Flemish Bloc politicians to debates on his show (something 'not done' by official state media and most politically influenced 'private' media). A few weeks ago his show was mysteriously cancelled and Verstrepen claimed political machinations behind it. From other sources I heard it was a commercial conflict, though, and still other people claim Verstrepen is just an arrogant *ssh*le.

Whatever the truth may be, I know one thing: Skynetblogs will get a lot of extra hits thanks to this!