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Friday, May 28, 2004
June 25th

Well, I just talked to my soon-to-be-ex boss and HR, and it looks like June 25th will be my last day at Skynet.

Reactions to my Job Change

Carlo of (who is an old friend and my 'Geek-soul-brother')
John of
Loic, my new boss

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Public Service Announcement

There appears to be a free WiFi access point in the Brussels North railway station's Quick fast food restaurant... Not sure if it is on purpose. The SSID is SANTIS50-6BFC10, by the way. If it is your access point and you don't want half Brussels accessing it, I'd suggest turning on WEP encryption :-)

WMD Find Confirmed

Yahoo! News - Tests Confirm Sarin Gas in Baghdad Bomb.

The article is strangely reluctant to accept the implications. It even tries to float the hypothesis that this might have been a shell from a very long time ago. And that it was just a small amount of sarin. And that there were no 'stockpiles' found.

But then again, in the same article it is said that such shells would have to be used in great numbers to cause casualties on a battlefield. So wouldn't the existence of one shell virtually make it certain there were more somewhere?

And another thing: I've read many sites that claim Saddam never ever declared he had sarin shells. Not even before 1991. Also, some sites claim that such shells don't keep very well: the fact that the explosion still released sarin gas is seen as proof by these sites that the shell must have been manufactured recently (not more than a few years old).

Any chemical weapons (armchair) experts reading this who have an opinion on this?

Monday, May 24, 2004
New Job!

Today was an important day for me: I announced that I was going to quit my job at work so I could take on a more interesting challenge elsewhere. As some of you might or might not know, currently I am working for Skynet, a Belgian ex-ISP that moved all ISP activities to the mother company Belgacom and is now specialized in content & stuff (mainly running the biggest Belgian portal site).

At Skynet I used to be a developer until I kind of pushed through the project that led to Skynet Blogs, the first Dutch language blogging service in Belgium. After that I changed function and became a project manager.

For a variety of reasons, one of them being that I couldn't do enough blog-related stuff there anymore, I started to look for another job recently. And lo and behold, I found one too! Shortly I will begin to work for the European division of Six Apart, the company that makes the Movable Type blogging software and runs the TypePad blogging service. My new boss is Loic Le Meur, easily the most blog-crazed French entrepreneur living in Waterloo and Madrid that I have ever seen...

I will get to develop bits of blogging code, talk to journalists about blogging, do some marketing to promote blogging, fuel the blogging hype, help blogging customers, translate blogging stuff, read blogs, write blogs, live blogs... And I'll even get paid for it!

And you know what the coolest part is? I get to all this from the comfort of my own home... I'm really looking forward to this, because this will allow me to spend lots of extra quality time with my little girl (who has been soundly asleep on my chest, tucked away in a carrying contraption, as I typed this post).