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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

More pictures from the soon-to-be Casa Schenk. I went there with my wife and baby after work today and snapped a few shots with my phone, so sorry about the quality. On the plus side, they'll load fast...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
New Baby, New Job, New Car and Now... New House!

Yesterday evening my wife and I went looking at some real estate. Just looking, really, as we were just getting started with looking for a house of our own. We wanted to get a bit of a feel for which houses cost how much and to be able to compare the quality a bit.

But after just having seen three houses we already lucked out: a nice late sixties bungalow-type house with large basement, two garages, new (heated) stone floors, a new kitchen, a new bathroom and a recently re-done roof, all surrounded by a nice garden and in a nicely wooded neighbourhood with a lot of open housing and large gardens. Just in front of the house accros the street is a small patch of forest and a playground, where my wife used to go to the Chiro (a youth movement not unlike the boy/girl scouts).

Also included: a very nice stone porch, a stove for wood or coal, ceiling to floor windows in the living room (double glazing, no less) and electric shutters. The house is situated in a quiet neigbourhood, just five minutes from a Mcdonalds and ten minutes from a large highway. Major stores and shops are also within driving distance.

And all of this for just 169.500 euros, because the owners were an elderly Dutch couple who badly wanted to move back to the Netherlands where their children and grandchildren were.

We put in a bid for the house and now all we need to do is secure a loan from the bank. Normally, that shouldn't be a problem, but if it is the bid is considered invalid and we won't have to pay anything.

Anyhow, never thought it would all go so fast: three months ago it was just me and my wife in a rented house and now we're a family of three with a house and a car. And I'll be working at home.

New Space Age?

Despite being largely pushed to the background by the Belgian media in favour of much more important news like the start of large road maintenance works in Antwerp, among other things, the first private spaceship ever to actually reach space flew yesterday. See here at - Private craft soars into space, history - Jun 21, 2004, for example.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Nice article from some journalist who has obviously just learned about blogging. She almosts makes it sound like a dangerous addiction, like drugs or alcohol. Won't somebody think about the children?!? Read the whole thing, if you're a blogger and up for a laugh: For some, blogging is a way of life...